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"People Don't Want To Be 'Marketed To' -
They Want To Be '
Communicated With'."

What We Do

Simpson Direct has been marketing to millions of consumers and all over the world for 25 years. Our team of industry professionals and marketing specialists provides comprehensive direct response marketing services, for every product or service you sell. Our innovative solutions deliver results-driven campaigns and a high return on investment. We follow six simple steps for successful campaign strategies:

1. Goals

2. Strategy

Working closely with all our clients, we get to

know their business, their objectives and the

metrics that will define success. Whether that is reaching new customers through lead generation, or marketing to dormant customers through a reactivation campaign, we will establish your marketing goals.

We will get to know your customers; their 

demograhics, their behaviour and what they like and dislike. With customer profiling it will give us the insight to use correct list segmentation to ensure that the right customers receive the right message in the right way. This direct targeting ensures the highest ROI for your business.

5. Execution

A strong marketing strategy is the foundation on which your business can grow. With our extensive industry experience, we develop the best strategy for you. We will work with you to identify your strengths and what sets you apart from your competitors and establish the best way to communicate this to your consumers. This could range from a simple and effective mailing to a multi-channel campaign involving press, radio and digital marketing.

After we have got to know your business and developed our comprehensive, targeted marketing strategy, our talented creative team will get to work on developing engaging, response-driven content that sells!

6. Analytics

Good project management is essential for any marketing campaign. No last-minute delays, budget concerns, errors or quality issues will affect the success of your campaign. We manage projects from start to finish, planning timelines and working with key service providers to ensure production deadlines are met. Having extensive experience in direct marketing and a global reach, we have access to cost savings that can be made both nationally and internationally in postage, printing, media and data handling costs.

Working with our clients, we break down results and produce a full analytical overview to show what’s successful and what can be improved.  We will then use this information to help your campaigns evolve and maximise future success.

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