Project 03-

'Jackpots Out Of This World' 

Mail Pack

Client :


To produce a customer acquisition mail pack for LDC, that would be sent to a mailing list of UK lottery players age 45 plus, that have purchased a ticket based lottery product in the mail within the last 2 years. The offer from LDC would be 4 of the worlds biggest lotteries, US Powerball, US Mega Millions, Euro Millions and Euro Jackpots. The mail pack would also introduce lottery players to a lottery betting service  and not a ticket offer, this is the core business of



We created a dynamic and colourful concept with a powerful message "introducing the greatest jackpots on earth". We wanted to take the reader on a journey around the worlds biggest lotteries, with record jackpots reaching over one billion dollars! We gave the customer a choice of playing each of the lotteries individually, or all together, giving them multiple price point options. We also produced realistic lotto slips for each player to pick their own numbers, as well as a simple order form   

to confirm which lotteries they had chosen. We also included an extra "early bird" gift and an extra incentive discount of 10% on all orders placed online. After customers are converted to the LDC offer in the mail, there is then a conversion strategy and a number of additional incentives within fulfilment to get them playing online.




  • Over 1 million consumers reached.

  • A very positive response giving LDC thousands of new to file customers.

  • Over 10% of customers from this offer converted to the online platform within the first 3 months.