Project 02 -
Swarovski Christmas Mail Pack

Client: The Lottery Center


To design a mailing for ‘elite’ Lottery Center customers, to accompany the annual gift of a Swarovski Christmas star ornament.  



We wanted to create a piece that was as magical and inspiring as the gift itself. Like The Lottery Center, Swarovski is a family business and we focused on telling the story of their history and heritage. The client wanted to convey the importance of tradition and for the customer to feel that they were part of The Lottery Center family. We achieved this with warmth and sincerity in both copy and creative, without compromising on high-end quality. And, as Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle, we also added a touch of that!



  • Extremely positive feedback from client’s ‘elite’ customer base.

  • Subsequent increase in ‘elite’ sales.

  • Important client/customer relationship maintained.